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    An expertly curated collection of contemporary black & african fine art that is inspiring to the eye and uplifting to the soul. We believe in self-love, global love and a love for ourselves & culture through our art. "The Latest Interior Design Brand Taking the World by Storm" Loved by Many and Rated Excellent! 

    Ivhu artists have been featured in:
    • "It's even prettier, the colours we see, when we close our eyes, then those we see when the eye is opened. Sometimes you just have to close your eye from the provoking things of this world. Stay further away from those who can hurt your vision because whatever hurts the eye hurts the brain." Artist - Awuku Darko Samuel

    • In the realm of artistic mastery, where emotions entwine with works of genius, behold "It's Perfect" by Awuku. Within this captivating artwork, a young black male emerges as the centerpiece, his essence exuding both strength and vulnerability. Adorned with a vibrant green cover over his eyes, a tale unfolds, inviting the viewer into a realm of introspection and hidden truths.

      The young man's presence commands attention, his features a tapestry of resilience and grace. His ebony skin, kissed by the sun's gentle caress, speaks of heritage and a profound connection to his roots. Every line and contour etched upon this image emanates a profound depth, capturing the essence of a soul rich in stories and experiences.

      Yet, it is the verdant veil that envelops his eyes, casting an enigmatic allure, drawing the observer into a world of mystery and wonder. Green, a symbol of growth and renewal, whispers of hidden potential and uncharted territories. Behind this delicate cover lies a profound secret, an untold narrative yearning to be discovered.

      Within the image, the artist masterfully conveys a poignant message. The green occlusion serves as a metaphor for shielding oneself from the chaotic external influences that threaten to distort perception and hinder self-discovery. It is a reminder that sometimes, to truly see, one must temporarily obscure the physical sight and delve into the realm of inner reflection.

      "It's Perfect" invites contemplation, provoking a search for deeper meaning within oneself and the world. Through the juxtaposition of the young black male's presence and the green veil, Awuku channels a powerful statement about identity, self-preservation, and the boundless potential that lies within every individual.

      In this captivating masterpiece, Awuku has crafted a visual symphony, intertwining culture, introspection, and vibrant hues. "It's Perfect" beckons the observer to embrace the enigmatic beauty that resides beneath the surface, beckoning them to explore the uncharted territories of the human spirit.

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