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  • Damola Ayegbayo Digital Print Celebrate Life 12

    Art Prints

  • Naledi Modupi Illustration S - 12x15inch / Black Choose Happiness


  • Harry Odunze Photography S - 12x15inch / Black Foresight


  • Natasha Kudita Abstract Upenyu


  • Ivhu Art Pieces aren't just beautiful, they tell a story deeply rooted in contemporary black culture & history

    At Ivhu® [meaning earth/soil in the Shona dialect of Zimbabwe] you can shop wall art and beautiful prints that are influenced by African & Black culture online. We are a black owned business and our collections are filled with stunning artworks that are digitally scanned and illustrations & photography prints that are produced to an exceptional quality. All our pieces come hand framed and ready to hang on your wall.  

    We developed a platform to bring together talented artists that produced contemporary, culturally relevant art that speaks to our generation. Good art should be Accessible!, so we did something about it. Having scoured the market for months trying to find works of art that were representative of our culture and generation, and failing! We realised that something had to change. 

    At Ivhu we regularly upload new works, and we exist to afford talented artists the opportunity to connect with an audience of their time. 

    We provide high quality, beautifully framed art prints that are affordable, yet offer so much more!