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Damola Ayegbayo

Celebrate Life 8

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• Matte premium fine art paper
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An expertly curated collection of contemporary black & african fine art that is inspiring to the eye and uplifting to the soul. We believe in self-love, global love and a love for ourselves & culture through our art. "The Latest Interior Design Brand Taking the World by Storm" Loved by Many and Rated Excellent! 

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  • "We live in a world filled with problems and anxieties, often our problems can make us forget that we have that one special gift from the creator, the life he has given us for free. At a point, we need to take a break thinking about lots of troubles and appreciate the life we’ve been given, happiness so free and it has to come from within, this feeling can always make us remember there is lot more that can be achieved when there is life. I am using this piece to cheer people up by being thankful for life and have the hope that things can always get better. " Artist - Damola Ayegbayo

  • As i look at this masterful piece, i can't help but reflect on all the times we ourselves may not have been in power, but have failed to speak out against something we knew deep down was wrong. Power is something which is given by the masses, yet we the masses retain the control, but fail to collectively exercise it. There thus comes a point where something must change..
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